Most companies have some form of crisis management in place. However those accountable for resilience are often unsure of whether arrangements are appropriate:

Will plans work?

Are systems resilient?

Are people capable?

When clients look to available standards - such as the British Standard for Crisis Management (BS11200, 2014), The Business Continuity Standard (BS / ISO 22301, 2012), or the Resilience Standard (BS 65000, 2014) - they may find an unhelpful volume of information that is difficult to apply in total to their industry. In the absence of clear mandatory requirements, we have developed an assurance model for use with our clients. Our assurance model is applicable to real-world industry. It is based on the essential requirements of relevant standards, which we have simplified and de-conflicted.

Our assurance model offers a cost-effective means of viewing all elements of your crisis management system, which can be implemented quickly without the need to schedule excessive management time. It enables clients to map capability in terms of planning, structure, process, personnel, training, facilities and systems. It provides an opportunity to identify gaps in capability against specific criteria and plan to address gaps in capability, with prioritised actions and timelines. It supports a business case for change, with the benefit of authoritative 3rd party input.



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