While reviewing crisis management systems, we find organisations can find planning a significant challenge, or get comfort from excessive planning. We work with clients to develop the right plans, which work for them and get used when they are needed.

By simplifying and integrating a client’s suite of related plans, we add value; often achieving efficiencies by streamlining plans and eliminating material that does not apply to the specific industry or company. For example:

  • We have found some organisations with extensive analysis from a Business Continuity process, but almost no executable response or recovery plans.

  • We have found some organisations with extensive Contingency Plans based on loss of an office facility, but nothing in place to address real threats to continuity of their supply chain.

We add value by making sense of existing work and filling gaps so that the resulting good practice planning supports real resilience.

We recognise that real Crisis Management capability depends on more than just plans on the shelf. But getting the right plans in place is a relatively cost-effective exercise, which can make the difference between documents that get ignored, and tools that support organisations in crisis. Our consultants have developed policy, plans and procedures as consultants and process owners in industry; and have often used them in real crisis situations.



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