The majority of companies involved in the carriage of dangerous goods by road -including those packing, loading and unloading dangerous goods - are legally required to appoint at least one certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

The responsibilities of your appointed DGSA include:

  • Monitoring your company’s compliance with the regulatory requirements, including monitoring of staff training;

  • Advising your company on the carriage of dangerous goods and how to comply with the legislation;

  • Preparing an annual report on your company's activities concerning transport of dangerous goods;

  • Investigating and preparing a report following serious incidents affecting people, property or the environment, and submitting this to competent authority within 30 days.

Non-compliance with the regulations can be expensive; lead to delayed shipments, fines and prohibition notices; and increase the risk of a chemical incident and the severity when the worst happens. Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced DGSA to ensure compliance. It can be challenging to train and maintain an in-house DGSAs, because they must passs a series of examinations before they can carry out their duties and must also ensure they keep up to date with the latest changes to the regulations. Therefore many companies choose to appoint a third party DGSA.

Benefits of NCECs DGSA service   Benefits of NCECs DGSA service



NCEC's DGSA Services


NCEC can support your company with experienced and knowledgably DGSAs, who will provide a tailored solution for your company.

The service includes:

  • Audit of your site(s) to identify any compliance issues, make recommendations on improvements and indentify any opportunities to reduce costs.

  • Preparing your annual DGSA report.

  • Preparing of reports following a serious incident involving the carriage of dangerous goods, as required.

  • Assistance with ad-hoc enquiries relating to the carriage of dangerous goods.

Our team of DGSAs will guide you through the complex transport legislation and help you meet your regulatory obligations.



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Benefits of NCEC's DGSA services

  NCEC DGSA service benefits  
  • Acces to an expert team of DGSAs with many years of experience including dangerous goods legislation, providing emergency response advice and safety data sheet authoring.

  • Ensures compliance with your regulatory obligation to appoint a DGSA and prepare an annual DGSA report

  • Regular advice and updates on the latest developments in legislation.

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