Carechem Marine

24-hour advice for marine chemical incidents

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Rapid, accurate and reliable advice is essential for the safe and effective management of all marine chemical incidents.

Carechem Marine is a unique service for everyone involved in transporting chemicals at sea. It provides 24-hour marine chemical emergency support and consultancy services backed up by one of the world's leading chemical spill software products, ChemSIS.

Are you involved in transporting chemicals by sea? If so, how would you handle a marine chemical incident?

Carechem Marine provides you with consultancy services for contingency planning and post-incident investigation. Benefits of this service include:

  • Detailed modelling of the behaviour and fate of chemicals spilt at sea.
  • Refined estimates of the extent of vapour clouds.
  • Help in deciding on salvage options (e.g. what are the environmental consequences of the spill? Is mechanical recovery possible? If your ship sank, should you try to recover the cargo or use controlled release to disperse it?).
  • Help in setting up or reviewing the extent of exclusion zones.

Carechem Marine is tried and tested by chemical manufacturers, shippers and regulatory authorities alike. It can reduce salvage costs and allow you to carefully plan and utilise valuable clean-up resources.

With NCEC as part of your response team, you can benefit from:

  • The experience of a team of trained chemical Emergency Responders that has been dealing with chemical incidents for over 35 years.
  • 24-hour support during marine chemical incidents and reassurance from knowing that ANY call is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advice on the trajectory and fate of marine chemical spills, based on the ChemSIS model. 
  • Advice on aquatic impacts – ChemSIS predicts aquatic toxicity resulting from a spill of chemicals that might influence fisheries or other marine environmental resources. 
  • Advice on hazardous vapour clouds. The evaporation rates quoted in ChemSIS are entered into atmospheric modelling software packages to provide estimates of the extent of hazardous vapour clouds in terms of toxicity and explosivity.
  • A fully international service.
  • Built-in regimen of exercises.
  • Specific procedures for your company so that they fit into your emergency plans.

Subscribing to Carechem Marine means your responders do not have to undergo constant training on different models. It also allows them to concentrate on dealing with the incident rather than spending valuable time running simulation models.

Training and exercises are an important element in ensuring a successful response operation. NCEC can work with your response team to design or participate in spill response exercises. The service is tailored to fit in with your emergency plans and has in-built exercises that allow your responders to understand what to expect from our service in a crisis.

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