Carechem 24

Why do you need a 24-hour emergency number?

Compliance with Legislation

Regulations associated with the transport, distribution and use of Dangerous Goods may require associated documents to carry an emergency telephone number, which is available 24/7 and from which product specific advice can be obtained, e.g. REACH.

If you are transporting by air there is legislation in some countries that requires you to have a 24/7 emergency telephone number if you are shipping to, from or via that country.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is seen as the voluntary actions that a business can take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both its own competitive interests and the interests of wider society.

CSR helps to enhance a better working environment for employees, helps businesses contribute to social and environmental progress and supports long-term sustainable business growth.

Carechem 24 can ensure your employees and customers have the advice they require in the event of an incident. This could involve either your own chemicals in the supply chain or those you may purchase and use on site (see our CERS service if you are using chemicals onsite).