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Case study

Case Study - National Grid

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) supported National Grid plc to perform a high-end review of its crisis management arrangements and identify practical steps to strengthen preparedness. 

National Grid plc is an electricity and gas utility company responsible for distributing energy in the UK and USA. It implements a mature crisis management and mitigation system built on a philosophy of over-preparedness and continuous improvement. National Grid chose NCEC to provide a professional review of its group wide crisis management on the strength of NCEC’s wide industry expertise and practical approach to crisis assurance.

Improving security and safety

NCEC crisis consultants developed an assurance framework maturity model based on relevant standards for crisis management and real world risk. The framework assessed maturity across 10 critical pillars of crisis preparedness, including leadership, process, communication and response. Through one on one interviews and bespoke exercises, NCEC systematically reviewed the capacity of National Grid’s crisis provisions in each of these areas. Its technical consultants then identified practical actions to optimise capacity throughout the system, supporting National Grid in its commitment to improving security and safety for its customers and employees.

Committed to continual improvement 

“National Grid’s group crisis management framework is built on a commitment to continually improve the safety, sustainability and resilience of the power sector,” said Niki Wileman, strategic response manager for National Grid. “Working with NCEC provided an opportunity for objective and detailed analysis of our group’s crisis performance, while requiring relatively little resource intensity on our end. By providing a high-end review based on best practice developments in industry, NCEC’s technical team offered practical insight and advice to support us in turning the dial one notch further in crisis preparedness.”

For over 40 years, NCEC has provided incident response support to emergency services, private sector companies and members of the public throughout the world. Its teams offer support across the crisis management lifecycle, from helping companies to develop, implement and review their crisis plans to delivering real-time incident notification for rapid and effective communication in a crisis.  

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