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Case study

Case Study - Agrochemicals/Agriculture

NCEC received a call from a farmer who was concerned about his cattle after they had become ill. The caller had treated his field with a weed-killer and subsequently his cattle had developed problems with their back legs.

NCEC advised:
Our Emergency Responder advised the caller of the non-hazardous nature of the product, explaining that the product was of low toxicity to mammals. The Emergency Responder explained to the caller that although the product was non-hazardous, naturally poisonous weeds, that animals would normally avoid, could become more palatable as the plants died. The Emergency Responder advised the caller to contact a vet for further advice on the health of his cattle and inform the vet that they could contact the emergency line if they required any further information.

The outcome:
Immediate access to product specific advice means that product users are reassured and informed of the risks during an incident.