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Case study

Case Study - Chemical Manufacturer

NCEC received a call from someone who had got washing powder in their eyes. The caller had rinsed their eyes before calling the emergency line but was experiencing some irritation.

NCEC advised:

Our Emergency Responder advised the caller that the product was not hazardous but contained some ingredients that could irritate the eyes. The Emergency Responder reassured the caller that they had taken the correct action in rinsing their eyes and advised that they further rinsed their eyes. The Emergency Responder suggested a technique for effectively rinsing the eyes and advised the caller that should the irritation persist they should seek medical advice, taking the product packaging with them. The Emergency Responder informed the caller that the doctor could contact the emergency line if they required any further information.

The outcome:

Immediate access to chemical-specific first aid advice means that swift action can be taken, helping to prevent serious injury.