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Case study

Case Study - Chemical Distributor

NCEC received a call from a person who was dealing with a 5l spill of a product in a plant. One of the caller’s colleagues had got the product in their eyes and on their skin and hair. The caller’s colleague had rinsed their eyes, following the directions on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product, but was experiencing some irritation.

NCEC advised:

Our Emergency Responder advised the caller that the product could cause burns and was harmful if inhaled or swallowed. The Emergency Responder advised that the caller’s colleague washed their skin and hair immediately with soap and water and continued to irrigate their eyes. The Emergency Responder advised that the caller’s colleague sought medical advice and took a copy of the SDS with them. The Emergency Responder suggested that they call an ambulance as irrigation of the eyes and skin could then be continued en route to hospital. The caller also required information on cleaning up the spill. The Emergency Responder advised that they ventilate the area to allow the vapours to disperse. The Emergency Responder then checked that the caller had appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for cleaning up the spill and provided clean-up advice. Following the call, the Emergency Responder liaised with the product manufacturer to provide them with the incident details including the advice provided and actions taken to remediate the situation.

The outcome:

Immediate access to chemical-specific first aid advice and in-depth chemical knowledge not only helps to prevent serious injury, but also means that the incident can be dealt with in a calm and informed manner with all the risks considered. Our Emergency Responders liaise with the caller and product manufacturers to ensure that everyone has the information they need.