Chemdata® screenshots

Chemdata contains a huge amount of information. Each document is divided into sections, for ease of use, including Advice, Actions and Information.

 Chemdata: Search screen

Chemdata makes finding information about a substance as easy as possible, even if you only have very little information to go on (e.g. partial name from a damaged label). You can also search by physical form, colour or appearance.



 Chemdata: Advice screen

The Chemdata document is divided into a number of pages - Advice, Actions, Information, Public Note (containing additional information of interest), Private Note (where the user can add their own information of procedures for a particular substance) and EMS (the EMS Schedules from the IMDG code).

The Advice screen provides information on protection, hazards, reactivity, precautions including advice for small and large spills, and environmental protection priority.

















 Chemdata: Actions screen

The Actions screen provides advice on fire actions, decontamination of equipment used in the incident, first aid actions and suggested sources of specialist advice (which will usually be companies that manufacture the substance).

















 Chemdata: Information screen

The information screen provides details of product name and identification, acute exposure guideline levels (AEGLs), environmental data, synonyms, initial isolation and protective action distance, hazchem symbol(s) and more.

















 Chemdata: Custom screen

As well as its standard screens, Chemdata allows you to create your own custom format so that you can have any of the sections of the Chemdata document in one place.

















 Chemdata: Print screen

This screen allows you to select sections for print via this user-friendly interface.