Chemdata® products for different operating systems


Chemdata is a database containing over 58,500 substances with over 171,000 different chemical names, including pure and trade-name chemicals, which provides advice to Emergency Responders for incidents involving chemical spillages, fires and contamination incidents.

Chemdata products for different operating systems

Operating system
Chemdata Pocket
Windows XP

Windows 7
Windows 8 (not Windows RT/Phone*)
Windows 8.1(not Windows RT/Phone*)

Windows 10 (not Windows 10 Mobile*)

Android 2.3 and up
iOS8 (iPhone and iPad)

Blackberry 10.2.1 and greater


1 Chemdata cannot be installed on Windows RT tablets or PCs which use ARM processors
2 Using Android .apk file (tested only on emulator, hyperink to help files do not work)