Chemsafe refresher training


NCEC is currently visiting UK emergency services to deliver refresher training on the Chemsafe service, which is free at the point of use for all emergency service personnel.

The objectives of the presentation are to provide:

  • A better understanding of the role of NCEC and its operations.
  • A reminder of the Chemsafe scheme and the role of NCEC within it.
  • Improved communications between the emergency services and NCEC.
  • A familiarisation with Chemdata┬«.
  • An overview of chemical incidents - where there were fatalities.
  • An explanation of the changing Fire Service acetylene incident guidance.
  • An outline of the recent legislation changes in respect to GHS to show the new labelling and symbols likely to be encountered.

We discuss and provide examples of the calls we take, use Chemdata to run through example scenarios and answer any questions about the service.

The presentation is aimed at hazmat officers, fire control operators, police officers and we would encourage the attendance of any others who might find it useful (e.g. your local EA rep). We aim to visit every UK Fire Service once every three years and are hoping to develop a similar visit schedule for UK police forces.

The presentation is approximately 3 hours long, depending on discussion and questions, etc.

We do not charge for this presentation, but would appreciate payment of any travel and subsistence costs incurred.

If you are interested in taking up this offer, then please email Bethan Davies at