Chemsafe - An Industry-Led Mutual Aid Scheme



NCEC plays a key role in national arrangements for responding to chemical incidents.

It provides a 24/7/365 national advice service to the public emergency services in dealing with chemical incidents and is a central part of the Chemical Industries Association's Chemsafe scheme.

24-hour hazmat support for the UK's Emergency Services

Chemsafe is a voluntary scheme run by the Chemical Industries Association and is an integral part of the chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative. Chemsafe helps to protect the image of your company and the industry as a whole by providing an appropriate response to the emergency services when they are dealing with an incident. There is no charge for membership.

Chemsafe has been developed to provide a rapid and co-ordinated response to minimise adverse effects to the public, property and the environment following a chemical distribution incident, including those at docks, harbours and airports. The scheme applies to all chemicals, not just those which are classified as hazardous. There are three levels of response with Level 1 being remote telephone advice, Level 2 being advice at the incident scene and Level 3 practical clean-up.

Membership of Chemsafe requires that as a company you set up adequate Level 1 systems as a minimum.

NCEC collects and stores chemical information from chemical suppliers (free of charge to the supplier). This information is used to help advise the emergency service during incidents where there is no working emergency number (Level 1). Please note that NCEC's obligations in this instance are to the emergency services and not to the supplier in managing the incident and so this is no substitute for full Level 1 emergency response. The following assistance is offered to the emergency services:

  • 24/7 telephone advice.
  • Free service to the caller.
  • Direct access to highly qualified chemists.
  • Capability of dealing with a wide range of enquiries (including non-transport related).
  • Large database of chemical information held.
  • A record of 40 years in delivering the service with glowing feedback.

For further information on the Chemsafe scheme, please click here.

For the attention of all emergency service personnel ONLY:

NCEC is currently visiting UK emergency services to deliver refresher training on the Chemsafe service, which is free at the point of use for all emergency service personnel. For more information on the training course please click here.