Crisis Leadership in Industry Training

crisis leadership one day training2


This one day course provides delegates with understanding of what a good practice crisis management system looks like for industry, and how they perform their role. 

Learning focusses on three key areas:

  • Structure and processes of a crisis management system;
  • Information management and decision-making;
  • Stakeholder mapping and crisis communications.

Method of delivery is over one day in a classroom setting; with a mix of presentations, facilitated discussion and scenario exercises. Delivered by trainers with hands-on crisis management experience across a range of industry sectors, the course puts emergency and crisis management in the context of corporate risk management.

Scenario exercises follow each presentation in order to illustrate key areas of learning and allow delegates to experience crisis management in a safe, low-pressure environment. The scenario builds in time over the day, in three stages. It is realistic, relevant and will provoke thought among delegates about how their organisations might plan for such a contingency.

Attendees develop skills in facilitation and leadership of crisis teams, with several practical exercises throughout the course. They return to their organisations able to deliver value immediately.

Who will benefit?

This course is intended for managers or consultants who have responsibility for emergency and crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery; or those leaders who are nominated as leaders or facilitators of crisis teams.

Course Content

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • The context for crisis management;
  • Key concepts, principles & characteristics of crisis management;
  • Planning for readiness, response and recovery;
  • Information management and decision-making in crisis;
  • Communications in crisis management;
  • Competence and assurance.

Further information

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