Regulatory Compliance


What is DSEAR?

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) are a set of UK regulations designed to ensure safety from fire and explosive environments for workers and members of the public. DSEAR puts the duty to do this onto employers and the self-employed.

Key Requirements

  • Identify any dangerous substances in the workplace and their risks
  • Ensure that these risks are either removed, or controlled
  • Create plans to mitigate the effects of any incident involving these substances as well as how to deal with any incident or emergency that could involve these substances
  • Train employees to safely handle these substances and deal with the accompanying risks
  • Recognise and label areas where an explosive atmosphere may develop and remove any sources of ignition (i.e. unprotected or sparking equipment)

What can the NCEC do?

The NCEC can assist companies in complying with DSEAR in a number of ways:

  • Training in the understanding of substance classifications as well as the identification of materials that would fall under DSEAR
  • Assistance with planning and response for incidents involving dangerous substances
  • Modelling to help identify the areas where a flammable/explosive atmosphere could occur
  • Training courses, in a number of areas, that would help ensure the safety and competence of employees.
  • Assistance with compliant labelling and signage

DSEAR assessment

There are a number of matters which need to be considered when performing a DSEAR assessment, these include:

  1. What dangerous substances there are and whether they present a fire or explosion hazard
  2. Identification of who is exposed to the risk, including employees, visitors and members of the public
  3. The quantity of any dangerous substances and what processes the substances are used in -this includes cleaning, repair and maintenance
  4. Any provisions for safe handling, storage and transport
  5. Whether an explosive atmosphere is formed within any enclosed area or anywhere connected to the workplace including prevention of vapours and dusts from escaping or building up.
  6. What measures are in place to mitigate any explosive atmosphere and prevent it from persisting

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