Emergency Response

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NCEC has been operating the UK's National Chemical Emergency Centre since 1973. This makes us one of the most experienced teams in the world in understanding the requirements of the chemical industry and emergency services.

We are also the UK centre in the European Chemical Industry Council’s (Cefic) Intervention in Chemical Transport Emergencies (ICE).

Chemical Emergency Response Services

NCEC is staffed by a team of emergency responders who have received extensive training in chemical health and safety, emergency response and communication skills. Our emergency responders are supported by our tried-and-tested telephone infrastructure and operational plans, an array of information databases (including a library of over 1.5 million material data sheets (MSDS)) and our Chemdata® software.

NCEC’s high-quality service is available to private-sector clients worldwide, thanks to our sophisticated real-time translation service. By providing you with unparalleled support and advice, we can help you prepare for and deal with chemical accidents. This helps to protect people, property and the environment, reducing lost working time and, in many cases, limiting the impact of an incident.

NCEC is recognised as one of the  world leaders in chemical emergency response.

We provide the following Emergency Response products and services:

  • Carechem 24 – provides 24-hour, global, multilingual, emergency chemical advice about your products.
  • Carechem Marine – provides 24-hour advice for marine chemical incidents.
  • Chemdata® – the most reliable interactive database of over 53,000 substances and more than 157,000 different chemical names, including pure and trade-name chemicals.
  • Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS) – provides support and advice for logistic companies and other organisations carrying generic chemical consignments or use on a site basis.
  • Haulsafe (UK) – a 24-hour emergency number to fulfill road transport's legal requirement of 24-hour support.
  • Chemsafe (UK) – provides 24-hour hazmat support for the UK's emergency services.
  • Crisis Notification – how we can help your organisation with wider incident support.
  • Chemrespond - Global database of chemical spill responders

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