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If you transport hazardous chemicals and operate under UK legislation for bulk transportation of dangerous goods, you are required to provide an emergency telephone number enabling the people dealing with any incident involving those goods to obtain specialist advice.

The current legislation, for shipments solely within the UK, states that:

‘The operator of any vehicle which is being used for the carriage of dangerous goods in a tank shall ensure that specialist advice concerning the goods can be obtained by telephone in English at any time during carriage.’

A call to the emergency telephone number shown on vehicle placards or ‘Instructions in Writing’ should be answered by someone with the necessary skills and resources to provide rapid, accurate and relevant advice at the time of an incident. During routine vehicle checks, the regulatory authorities may check that the emergency number operates correctly. A poor response could lead to a journey being delayed or legal action being taken.

Haulsafe provides you with a 24-hour emergency telephone number, where your calls will be answered at the National Chemical Emergency Centre. Our Emergency Responders are able to give product-related advice to those managing an incident. This helps to protect the public, property (including your vehicles) and the environment. Good advice over the telephone can significantly reduce the time taken to resolve an incident and consequently the cost involved. Advice can be provided in English or, for those organisations using drivers whose first language is not English, we are able to provide a multilingual service

Our Emergency Responders use their expertise along with extensive libraries of information to provide advice on:

  • The potential hazards associated with the product(s).
  • The appropriate actions that need to be taken to ensure the incident is under control as quickly as possible.
  • How to clean up spillages safely and quickly.
  • First aid.

This ensures that an expert response is provided minimising the cost and reputational risk to your brand and organisation.