Hazmat Event 2013

7 & 8 March 2013, Eastwood Hall, Nottingham

Now in its 6th year, the Hazmat conference is an essential opportunity for Hazmat specialists to share experiences and knowledge with like-minded professionals working in the hazmat and chemical incident industry. The conference drew on the knowledge and experience of a range of hazmat professionals and industry leaders, as well as that of NCEC’s own emergency responders and experts. This year Tactical Hazmat joined the organizing team and included their training expertise in the programme. Hazmat 2013 was supported by Media Partner Fire Times.

Hazmat 2013 qualified for 11 CPD hours from the Institute of Fire Engineers providing delegates with the opportunity to add to their existing CPD points.

Topics for 2013 included:

 Multi-agency initial assessment teams (MAIAT) working

  • Acetylene
  • Asbestos
  • EA update
  • HPA update
  • Port Operations and Hazmat Incidents
  • First Aid for Chemical Exposures
  • Explosives Awareness

Feedback from delegates attending previous Hazmat events helped determine the topics for presentations in 2013 and we are reviewing feedback from this year’s event to help determine the programme for 2014.
We included four, parallel, interactive scenario/workshop sessions in the 2013 programme:

  • Scenario training – led by Tactical Hazmat. This session was a table-top exercise looking at the consequences of an incident at a COMAH-regulated industrial site regarding environmental impact, off-site impact to infrastructure downwind (transport networks and residential) and tactical options for on-site response..
  • Radioactive material incident scenario – led by Nuvia Ltd. This started with a short presentation and Q&A session to ensure delegates were familiar with the background knowledge required and was followed by two exercises. The first was a table-top exercise focusing on an incident involving a radioactive source. The second exercise was a practical and aimed to familiarise delegates with monitoring equipment, recording data and techniques for, safely undressing potentially contaminated individuals.

  • Hazmat Master Class – led by Tactical Hazmat. This was a hands-on hazard categorisation session using basic field chemistry techniques and observations. The session encompassed theory and practical elements.

  • Contamination, Exposure and Decontamination - led by 1 to 9 Consultancy Ltd. This session looked at the inter-relationship between hazards, risks of contamination and prevention of exposure by the appropriate choice of personal protective equipment (PPE) and effective decontamination methods. There was an overview of the risk assessment process used by emergency services in selecting PPE as well as a demonstration of some PPE options available. There was also a discussion on the pathways of exposure and making the distinction between exposure and contamination and the role of decontamination in preventing exposure. Lastly, there was an opportunity for the attendees to test their own thinking on a number of scenarios.

 Delegates were drawn from fire services, police forces, chemical industry and bodies such as the Environment Agency, and the Health Protection Agency.
The full programme can be found here.