Emergency Response


What is HERS?

"HERS is an entirely voluntary system pioneered by NCEC and its partners, and is designed to encourage best practice in the transport industry. Members of the Hazchem Network carrying packaged dangerous goods are sending out a clear message in their determination to lead the highest standards of Responsible Care. Success of the HERS scheme is demonstrated by its shortlisting for the Safety Award by the Energy Institute in 2009."
Daniel Haggarty, NCEC

HERS is initially available to companies that are part of the Hazchem Network organisation. Each truck carries an identification decal along with the HERS telephone number. Should that truck and its cargo be involved in an incident there is one telephone number that can be called (24/7) giving immediate access to trained chemists at NCEC who can advise on the appropriate incident response. If the incident requires the services of a specialist clean-up operator, a response team would be mobilised from Braemar Howells' national network of response vehicles and staff.

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If you are interested in finding out more about this scheme, or wish to establish a similar arrangement for your organisation please contact:

Principal contact:  Daniel Haggarty (NCEC)

Other contacts:

  - Nick Bailey (Braemar Howells)
  - Ali Karim (The Hazchem Network)