NCEC Resources

Welcome to the NCEC resources page. Here you will find useful information aimed at professionals working / involved with chemicals or hazardous substances. If there is a particular resource or information that you would find useful, but is not listed below, then please feel free to email

SDS writing white paper


Safety data sheet writing white paper
This document has been created to help you complete each of the 16 sections required in an SDS and highlights the requirements that are frequently missed.

Safety data sheet writing white paper


Poison centre information pack
An overview of information related to EU Poison Centres including; contact requirement details, telephone numbers and fee requirements.

Poison centre information pack


Global Emergency Telephone Numbers
Information on global regulatory requirements and guidelines for emergency telephone numbers in relation to the manufacture, distribution and transport of hazardous substances.

Guidance for Global Emergency Telephone Numbers


Free Online Hazmat/Hazchem Guide
Free Hazmat (Hazardous Materials)/HazChem (Hazardous Chemicals) Guide containing information on Supply Labels, Hazard Warning Panels, Hazard Warning Diamonds, Emergency Action Codes and more.

Hazmat hazchem guide from NCEC


EAC list 2015
NCEC was again commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) to produce the Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List (EAC List), published by TSO.

The dangerous goods emergency action code list 2015


Crisis Management White Paper
Guidance on incident and crisis management best practice, with practical considerations for your own crisis management and business continuity plans

Crisis management white paper



Lithium Battery Regulations
Since January 2009 (air transport) and June 2009 (road transport under ADR), shippers transporting lithium batteries by road or air need to comply with additional regulations. Click the link below for more information on the regulations that relate to lithium batteries.

lithium-batteries regulations


Poison Centre White Paper
Further to our survey on the use and services of poison centres, we have created a white paper which covers the findings of the survey and practical advice about working with poison centres. 

Poison centre white paper


CLP Notification through REACH-IT
The REACH-IT website is the central IT system that supports Industry, Member State authorities and the European Chemicals Agency to securely submit, process and manage data and dossiers. This document will help guide you through the notification and submission for harmonised and non-harmonised substances. 

CLP Notification through REACH-IT


Poison Centre Compliance report

NCEC has put together the following report to support our clients in understanding their regulatory obligations regarding European Poison Centres.

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Guide to completing Dangerous Goods Notes

This guide focuses on how to complete a multimodal DGN for consignments travelling by road and/or sea. 

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 The cost of inaction

In this white paper, NCEC's Head of Emergency Response, Dan Haggarty, reviews the contemporary challenges facing chemical companies. A practical framework is provided based on five critical and interlinked pillars of professional chemical safety.

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