Implementing effective incident notification

Providing the right response quickly and confidently during an incident is often the difference between a minor event and a major crisis with lasting damage to businesses’ reputation and bottom line.

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) invites you to watch its webinar entitled ‘Implementing effective incident notification.’ NCEC bring invaluable insight to the field having been at the forefront of emergency response and crisis management for over 40 years.

This webinar was delivered by NCEC’s Senior Crisis Manager and BCI Gold Award Winner, Chris Lewis, who brings a wealth of global crisis management experience to the table. In this webinar Chris will:

  • Evaluate the importance of effective incident notification so that you’re aware of the value of a robust implementation and best placed to manage the implications of an incident.
  • Explore the five fundamental components of an incident notification system: quality, flexibility, dependability & robustness, speed and return on investment and understand their importance in maintaining a sustainable and effective incident notification system.
  • Provide practical examples and case studies demonstrating the value of an effective incident notification implementation. This is so that you can understand its effectiveness in the context of an incident and how it can mitigate risks to people, the environment, assets and business reputation; ultimately promoting business continuity.
  • Provide an overview of NCEC’s own incident notification service so that you’re aware of how it can protect employee and stakeholder welfare, while working to reduce the scale, cost and recovery time of an incident.

This webinar is supported by our whitepaper entitled ‘Incident Notification – Rapid and Reliable Notification during an Incident’. This whitepape rexplores the five fundamental components of an effective and sustainable incident notification system, and the technical capacity and processes required to deliver them. Access this whitepaper here.

To gain access to the slides, recording and accompanying Q&A document, please complete the form below.


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