Loader, Packer and Filler Training



The Regulations concerned with the transport of dangerous goods state that all personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods need to familiar with the general requirements of the provisions for their carriage and have appropriate training for their duties and responsibilities.

The roles that are often overlooked with regards to formal training are those of Loaders, Packers and Fillers, even though they have very specific responsibilities with regards to the carriage of dangerous goods. This can make it difficult for an employer to ensure that all of the regulatory obligations for these roles are known and understood. By not being fully aware of, or understanding, their responsibilities the probability of an incident occurring during the carriage of dangerous goods is increased. Additionally the consequences if an incident occurs are greater. Due to this the NCEC has developed a training course to help those in these roles.

Aims of the course

To ensure that people in these roles understand their responsibilities fully and perform their duties safely.
To reduce the risk and hazard of an accident due to incorrect loading, packing and filling.

Course overview

Classes of Dangerous Goods
The classes of dangerous goods and their general hazards.

Markings and Labels
The markings and labels that will be encountered during the loading, packing and filling of dangerous goods.

Segregation of dangerous goods
Which classes of dangerous goods can be shipped together, how the mode of transport affects this and what precautions should be taken.

Approved Containers
The containers which can be used to transport dangerous goods and how to recognise which one to use.

Prior to loading, packing and filling

The checks, assessments and precautions which must be made prior to commencement of the operation.

Loading, packing and filling

How to perform the operation safely and correctly.

After loading, packing and filling
What must be done after the operation is complete.

Who should attend

The Loader, Packer and Filler Training Course is aimed at those involved in these roles and those who perform some or all of these functions in addition to other roles. It would also be of benefit to those who supervise these roles and to site Health, Safety and Environment Officers/Managers.

Further information

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