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Don’t waste valuable time trawling the net - trust Chemdata for clear and concise information on more than 61,000 substances, at your fingertips.

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Pocket Chemdata is based on the same database as used in Chemdata but designed to run on Android™ devices.

We believe that this use of new technology can help improve response to incidents, allowing staff in the field to see the Chemdata advice for themselves.

Clear, concise and up-to-date information and advice on over 61,000 substances – in your pocket!

Pocket Chemdata is based on the same database as that used in Chemdata, but available for smartphones and tablets running the *Android™  and iOS operating system.

Developed to provide emergency services and private organisations handling chemicals access to timely, accurate chemical information at the scene of an emergency, cutting crucial response time. In an emergency, rapid access to relevant and easy-to-understand chemical information is critical for making the right decisions. Pocket Chemdata is the invaluable resource that can help you save lives and exercise damage control. Using new technology can help improve the response to incidents by allowing staff in the field to see the Chemdata advice for themselves.

Maria Stearn, Chemdata Product Manager at NCEC said “We have developed this app in response to requests from our customers and also recognising the growing importance of smartphones and tablets to the market. The app will provide customers with the vital support right at the point of need from an easy and convenient source.”

Product benefits:

  • Provides the same clear, concise advice as the standard Chemdata.
  • Helps to identify chemicals and their hazards.
  • Helps to mitigate the consequences of incidents.
  • Mobile – incident commanders can access information in the field.
  • Affordable – a lower cost option compared with standard Chemdata.

Pocket Chemdata for Android devices

Pocket Chemdata licences are transferable between Windows Mobile devices and Android devices. If you are an existing licence holder for a Windows Mobile device and would like to transfer your licence to an Android device just email us and let us know the device codes of your old and new devices so we can provide you with a new activation key.

Free 14-day trial available on Google Play



Follow this link or search on Google Play for Chemdata and download the free trial. You will have full access to the application for 14 days from installation, after that you will need to purchase a Pocket Chemdata licence from us. You will then receive an activation key that will give you continued access to the app for the duration of your subscription.

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*Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

Pocket Chemdata for Apple devices

Pocket Chemdata is also available from Apple Itunes store for Apple mobile devices.

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