Poison centres update

In September, EU Member States voted in favour of the European Commission’s proposals to harmonise the European Poison Centre information submission process. It is therefore now more important than ever to understand and prepare for the potential impact of these changes on your European business operations.

In partnership with ChemADVISOR, we would like to invite you to register for a complimentary Poison Centre webinar hosted taking place at 3PM GMT 1 December 2016. NCEC have been at the forefront of the Poison Centre discussion for over 3 years and bring invaluable insight from work with the European Commission as well as their regulatory expertise and links to European Poison Centres and appointed bodies.

As it stands, the process of submitting information to Poison Centres and appointed bodies is complex with legislation constantly changing and varying significantly between EU Member States. This poses a number of problems for businesses operating across Europe and compliance can be a complex matter. Furthermore, the potential impact of the proposed changes to the information registration process will pose a significant challenge for chemical manufacturers and distributors. Focussing on both the current Poison Centre and appointed bodies landscape as well as the impact of the anticipated regulatory changes, in this webinar NCEC’s regulatory experts will:

  • Walk you through the complex process of registration to the Poison Centres and their appointed receiving bodies. This is for a number of countries, based on your preferences, so that you’re aware of all of the requirements and best placed to proceed.
  • Highlight the differences in current Poison Centre information submission across a variety of EU member states– allowing you to understand the complexity, signpost additional sources of information and help to you comply with legislation.
  • Examine the challenges faced by the industry when attempting to comply with local regulations for submission to help you avoid costly fines and other hurdles in the process.
  • Evaluate the impact of the EU Commission's anticipated changes to Article 45 of CLP; how this may lead to further changes in the near future, highlight an exemption for industrial chemical producers.
  • Analyse the steps you may have to take to stay compliant and secure business continuity across Europe.

This webinar builds on the previous session (held in May 2016) which focussed on the current Poison Centre regulatory landscape. You can view this session here.

 To access the webinar recording, slides and Q&A document, please complete the form below.



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