Poison Centres

With legislative requirements varying significantly across EU member states, submitting data to Poison Centres is a complex process.

Through the provision of expert advice and technical resources, NCEC is able to assist organisations in complying and avoiding the financial and legal costs of non-compliance.

NCEC regularly receives a number of enquiries from organisations about the application of Poison Centre numbers in section 1.4 of safety data sheets (SDS). The regulatory landscape is complex with legislation constantly changing; pending decisions concerning data harmonisation and amendments to Article 45 later on in 2016. 

Our expertise is founded in research with the European Commission which resulted in a very clear understanding about the unique operations and regulations supporting each Poison Centre in Europe.

We make high level information available through a number of our resources. This includes our complimentary Poison Centre information pack and our Poison Centre compliance report; a comprehensive and tailored report designed to provide businesses the tools they need to overcome Europe’s complex hazardous product submission processes.

We have also hosted a number of webinars on Poison Centres. This means you can save time researching country specific regulations and getting up to speed with the latest EU commission changes and focus on understanding what this means for your organisation and what you need to do to ensure compliance.

Poison Centre Information Pack

NCEC has put together this complimentary information pack; providing businesses an overview of information related to EU Poison Centres. It has been recently updated to take into account changes/developments in Member States legislation.

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Poison Centre Compliance Report

Compiled by NCEC's regulatory experts, this comprehensive report provides businesses the tools they need to overcome Europe’s complex hazardous product submission processes and avoid the financial and legal costs of non-compliance.

Recently updated to include detailed analysis of draft changes to Article 45 of CLP.

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As recognised thought leaders and regulatory experts, NCEC regularly hosts webinars focussed on Poison Centre regulatory compliance and updates (amongst other topics) designed to enhance understanding and avoid the implications of non-compliance.

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Meet the experts

NCEC draws on decades of experience supporting companies to achieve chemical regulatory compliance. Its experts are chemically trained and regulatory thought leaders who act as trusted advisers to clients.

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News & Blog

NCEC's team of experts bring you the latest industry news and comment on updates to the Poison Centre regulatory landscape.

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