Pre-Hazmat workshop

Street Smart Tips: for responding to two of the most common corrosive hazardous materials used in the world. 

Get prepared to handle chlorine and ammonia incidents from start to finish. The course will begin with an overview of anhydrous ammonia and chlorine properties, transportation, containers, types of releases, street smart tips, meters, PPE and response strategies and tactics. 

This  workshop will be delivered by Mike Callan who was a part of TRANSCAER and AIRGAS’ high-quality training programs. Mike Callan’s program will help responders mitigate such an incident for emergency responders in communities where anhydrous ammonia and/or chlorine is manufactured, stored, shipped, transported, or used in high volume quantities.

The workshop is only £95 (+ VAT) and is strictly limited to 30 delegates. If you would like to attend this event please complete the form below.


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