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NCEC offer a wide range of products and services to help you manage risks associated with working with chemicals. Good chemical risk management includes hazard identification, staff training, emergency planning, legislative compliance, and everything in between. Failure to meet statutory responsibilities often leads to costly prosecutions and can have a huge impact on a business. That is why NCEC have designed products and services to help you protect health and environment and remain compliant.

Managing your chemical safety and compliance worldwide

Carechem 24 - 24-hour global chemical emergency advice for your products
Carechem 24 is a multilingual telephone advice service providing access to a team of trained responders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Carechem 24 provides companies with global emergency product support during a Hazmat incident. The service aids compliance with Responsible Care and with the regulations associated with the transport and handling of dangerous goods.
Carechem Marine - 24-hour advice for marine chemical incidents
Rapid, accurate and reliable advice is essential for safe and effective management of chemical spills in the marine environment. For anyone involved in the bulk transport of chemicals by sea, Carechem Marine provides a unique service: 24-hour, international chemical spill advice backed up by world-leading chemical spill software.

CERS - Support and advice for ever-changing goods (ideal for logistic companies)
The Chemical Emergency Response Service is offered to customers that need emergency support as well as general chemical information about a wide range of materials. This service suits customers such as logistic companies who have no prior knowledge of the products they are transporting. When signing up for the service, no information is needed from the customer as the information and advice is provided from our own libraries.

Chemdata® - Clear, concise advice for hazmat incidents
Chemdata is a chemical hazard database containing over 60,000 substances covering pure chemical substances, trade name substances, biological and radiological hazards. It includes emergency response advice and recommended actions for tackling spillages, fires and decontamination, plus information on possible environmental impact. Valued by Hazmat responders around the world!

ChemeDox® - Safety data sheet and COSHH assessment management
Manage your safety data sheets (SDS), COSHH assessments, process documents, risk assessments, compliance certificates and more, online. Using ChemeDox® reduces duplication and errors by having access to a simple to use, central data source. We offer several levels of service: ChemeDox®, ChemeDox® Silver and ChemeDox® Gold.

Consultancy - Advice on and assistance with all aspects of legislative compliance and chemical risk management. The service for classification, labelling, safety data sheet authoring, information and advice on global chemical legislation including REACH and GHS.

Hazchem Scale Cards - Simple, clear interpretation of EAC and other hazard codes (including new GHS labels)

  • Quickly and easily interpret the meaning of Emergency Action Codes (EAC)
  • Interprets the European ADR Hazard Indentification Number (HIN)
  • Lists the hazard warning diamonds and supply warning labels
  • Pocket sized, waterproof and hardwearing!

Pocket Chemdata®
Chemical hazard database to help you deal with chemical incidents. Information includes precautionary advice such as protective equipment, advice on appropriate actions to deal with the incident, emergency contact details of the manufacturers and additional information such as physical properties and environmental hazards.

Poison Centres

With legislative requirements varying significantly across EU member states, submitting data to Poison Centres is a complex process.

Through the provision of expert advice and technical resources, NCEC is able to assist organisations in complying and avoiding the financial and legal costs of non-compliance.

REACH Consultancy - Advice on and assistance with REACH
As part of The REACH Consultant Network our skilled team can help you understand what you need to do to comply with REACH. We can help you every step of the way from raising awareness with your staff to providing a fully managed compliance programme.
Training - Chemical safety training
If you are involved with chemicals, do you know how they behave if they are released from their containers? How would you deal with such an emergency? Have you ever had a telephone call from the Fire & Rescue Services to say that your product is involved in an accident? Are you prepared for these situations? NCEC can provide training for you and your staff.

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