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Effective management of your Safety Data Sheets and other chemical safety information allows you to save money, work more safely and, equally importantly, helps you to comply with appropriate legislation.

ChemeDox® provides easily accessible chemical safety information across your organisation, ensuring that your staff understand the broader risks associated with using chemical products within the work-place environment.


ChemeDox is an online, simple-to-use, chemical safety document management system that provides:

  • Advanced search facility with high accuracy search results.
  • All your health and safety documents in one place (SDS, COSHH, training records, process documents, risk assessments, etc).
  • Fully modular option to suit your needs.
  • Documents remain YOUR property.
  • COSHH assessments - creation and storage.
  • REACH and GHS/CLP ready.
  • Full interrogation of Safety documentation making auditing quick, simple and robust.
  • No complicated user licence fees.
  • Online solution – secure, yet accessible anywhere.

ChemeDox has three different product levels:

To find out more about ChemeDox, or to set up a free trial account, call us on +44 (0) 1235 753654 or fill in our online contact form.