Understanding China and Korea’s regulatory environment

Korean regulations

Richard Davey, NCEC Account Manager, presented at REACH24H Consulting Group’s seminar series ‘Understanding China and Korea’s regulatory environment’, which were held in London, Frankfurt and Barcelona. 

There has been significant growth in the number of companies expanding their chemical manufacturing and distribution operations into China and Korea. This has required an in-depth understanding and compliance with regulatory environment that can be complex. To help companies get a better understanding of the fast-developing regulatory environment, REACH24H, NCEC’s commercial partner, developed the comprehensive seminar series that included presentations on:

  • Regulatory change, current progress and proposed changes.
  • Compliance requirements.
  • Hazardous chemical management.
  • Substance notification requirements.
  • Emergency response best practice.
  • Korean REACH.
  • Global mandatory requirements.

NCEC offers a wide range of services to support companies in achieving compliance with their global regulatory obligations including compliance with Chinese and Korean regulations. If you are interested in finding out more information about how NCEC can support your company click here .