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Welcome to the NCEC webinars page. As recognised thought leaders and regulatory experts, NCEC regularly hosts webinars designed to enhance understanding of all areas chemical safety related. On this page you will be able to access (videos, slides & FAQ documents) any of the webinars that we have presented.

If there is a particular webinar that you would find useful, but is not listed below, then please feel free to email


The cost of the incident you avoid (March 2016)

In this webinar, NCEC explains how to calculate the cost of the chemical incident you avoid and provides product managers with the tools they need to demonstrate the value of chemical safety to their companies.

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Transportation of dangerous goods and best practices - hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry (May 2016)

In this webinar, our regulatory experts provide a comprehensive overview of best practices, regulations, and what to do in the event of a chemical incident.

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Global legal requirements for emergency telephone numbers - hosted by ChemADVISOR (May 2016)

This webinar, provides an expert introduction to the global legal requirements for emergency telephone numbers gathered from NCEC’s 40+ years of experience as leaders in the Chemical Emergency Response sector.

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European Poison Centres - hosted by ChemADVISOR (June 2016)

In this webinar our regulatory experts will illustrate the differences in poison centre information submission across a variety of EU Member States. They also evaluate the impact of the EU Commission's recent draft amendments to Article 45 of CLP.

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Managing safety and sustainability in the chemical supply chain (July 2016)

NCEC's experts share best practice from some of the world's leading chemical companies to explain how risk management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are also key in enabling a coherent chemical safety management strategy.

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Responding to a thimbleful or a lorry load? The value of proportionate advice in chemical incident response (October 2016)

In this webinar experts will demonstrate the value of proportionate advice in chemical incident response using a number of case studies and scenarios.

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European Poison Centres update (December 2016)

In this webinar, NCEC's experts walk you through the complex process of Poison Centre and appointed bodies information registration for a number of countries based on your preferences so that you’re aware of all of the requirements and best placed to proceed.

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The role of chemical emergency response (December 2016)

In this webinar, NCECs experts evaluate the role of chemical emergency response so that you understand its relevance and importance in mitigating the risks associated with an incident involving hazardous materials.

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Implementing effective incident notification (January 2017)

In this webinar, NCEC's experts evaluate the importance of effective incident notification so that you’re aware of the value of a robust implementation and best placed to manage the implications of an incident.

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European poison centres - review of Annex VIII to CLP (March 2017)

NCEC's team of regulatory experts will provide an update on the EU Commission's published Annex VIII to CLP; the clarifying amendment to poison centre legislation.

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Notfallrufnummern, welche Anforderungen gelten weltweit? (März 2017)

Die Angabe einer 24 Stunden Notrufnummer ist in zahlreichen Ländern wie z.B. in den USA beim Transport gefährlicher Güter Pflicht des Versenders. Manche Länder wie China haben sogar weitergehende Sondervorschriften.

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Exigences de la Législation Internationale en matière de Réponse d’urgence (Avril 2017)

Ce Webinaire, organisé par le NCEC et relayé sur le réseau de son partenaire GMJ Phoenix (distributeur France DGN 24), fera part de notre expertise en matière de législation internationale pour les numéros d’urgence, acquise grâce à plus de 40 ans d’expérience en tant que leader de la réponse d’urgence pour l’industrie chimique.

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