Why should I use Chemdata®?

When an emergency occurs, the incident must be dealt with rapidly and in the correct manner. Information on hazards and response is often difficult to find or is written in complex scientific language. Chemdata provides clear, timely advice written in non-technical language, helping you to save time and be more responsive.

Chemdata users

Chemdata is used and trusted by a wide variety of customers including fire brigades (national and industrial), police, ports, harbours, airports, environmental protection agencies, manufacturing industry, haulage companies and waste management companies.

The Chemdata database

Advice is provided on:

  • Hazards.
  • Reactivity.
  • Protective equipment.
  • Firefighting.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Precautions, including small and large spill advice.
  • Decontamination of equipment.
  • First aid.
  • Usage.
  • Transport regulations.
  • Sources of specialist advice.
  • Physical and chemical properties.
  • International Maritime Organisation’s IMDG Emergency Schedules (not Pocket Chemdata).
  • Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGLs).
  • Initial isolation and protective action distances for substances classed as toxic by inhalation.
  • Public notes containing further information on a substance including, where relevant, links to external websites or other Chemdata documents.

Chemdata flexibility

Chemdata is available for the following platforms:

  • Standalone PCs or laptops running Windows®, networked PCs running Windows.
  • Mobile data terminals (MDTs) in vehicles running Windows.
  • Emergency service command and control systems.
  • Hand held PDAs or smartphones running Android (as Pocket Chemdata).

Anyone who uses chemicals and may need rapid access to hazard and precaution data will benefit from Chemdata. In an emergency, would you want to delay your response to an incident by having to find a material's SDS from your records, read through several pages to find the information you need and have to interpret that into simple actions? Or, would you prefer to carry out a quick search on a laptop, smartphone or tablet and have the information, in straightforward language, instantly in front of you to enable you to deal with the incident?

Simply complete our online form if you would like a 14-day free trial of Chemdata or Pocket Chemdata.

Our customers' views on the benefits of Chemdata

“Ease of use and broad spectrum of information.”    
Nigel Vincent, Hazmat Officer, Cornwall Fire Brigade

“Comprehensive database which is very user friendly.”    
John Barter, DSHA Enforcement Officer, Port of Tilbury Police

“Quick and clear information”    
P May, Fire Fighter, Cleveland Fire

“Instant information at my fingertips for use at emergency situations that can prove decisive for my role”
Paul Knox, Hazmat Officer, County Durham & Darlington Fire and Rescue Service

“One stop shop for advice”
Chris Harding, Hazmat Officer, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service