24/7 chemical helpline

24/7 chemical helpline

Carechem 24, our multilingual 24/7 emergency response helpline, is staffed by highly trained chemists providing a reliable and robust service in line with industry regulations. Our experts provide unparalleled support in dealing with incidents safely, helping you to respond quickly and effectively, minimising wider impacts and risk to people, the environment, assets and reputation.

We offer a tiered level service to suit all needs. Our robust entry-level service provides callers with direct access to our chemical experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our advanced service equips you with a comprehensive range of local telephone numbers and languages to support compliance with global ER regulations. Finally, our best practice service adds access to our full suite of emergency telephone numbers and unsurpassed expertise in our field; providing the best possible service to your customers.

Benefits the NCEC service provides


Emergency response is underpinned by complex global regulations. NCEC’s Carechem 24 service provides a route towards compliance with the relevant parts of REACH Annex II Subsection 1.4, SAWS Order 53, 49 CFR 172.604 and numerous other regulations. As regulations evolve, our aim is to stay ahead of the expectation of regulators, protecting your business interests and avoiding the costs associated with non-compliance. In the most severe cases, regulators have forced companies to cease trading for failure to comply with emergency response regulations. NCEC’s service provides protection against this risk.

We help our customers manage risk by reducing the impact of incidents on people, the environment, assets and reputation. This includes:

  • Mitigating the obvious risk posed by hazardous chemicals being transported by road and reporting on patterns of incidents in the supply chain or with consumers.
  • Implementing a best practice emergency response system as part of the Responsible Care initiative. NCEC’s service uses best-in-class infrastructure and capabilities to ensure that customers receive the highest quality emergency response support possible.

NCEC’s systems provide a global one stop shop for emergency response. Our services are underpinned by a high level of legal protection, robust infrastructure, first-rate support and access to specialist consultants whose job it is to help you get the best out of our service. We tailor our support to the each emergency, providing appropriate, actionable advice – as opposed to other service providers who only provide product SDS details.


Jonathan Gibbard

Practice Director

+44 (0) 1235 753654

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