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Chris Hughes

Principal Regulatory Consultant

Chris is a Principal Regulatory Consultant in the NCEC team. He has several years’ experience working for a major multinational chemical company on the implementation of REACH, both as a regulatory professional and as an environmental scientist. He has developed a detailed knowledge of the regulation, supporting a diverse range of chemicals, companies and industry associations with registrations, substance and dossier evaluation and authorisation activities. He uses his skills and knowledge to help companies better understand and manage business risks resulting from REACH, and to develop sustainable business strategies. He is also experienced with engaging in scientific and regulatory advocacy. Chris previously chaired and currently works as a science advisor to the Ecology Group at Concawe, a technical expert group responsible for addressing environmental aspects of REACH for the European refining industry. As part of this group’s activities, Chris is engaged in discussions of the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) PetCo Working Group (part of the SVHC Roadmap to 2020) and PBT Expert Group. He is highly experienced in the environmental hazard and risk assessment of chemicals, having personally overseen 100+ regulatory phys-chem, environmental fate and ecotoxicology tests. He also routinely employs non-testing approaches such as QSAR and read-across/category approaches to address data needs. Chris currently manages a number of scientific research projects, valuing at over €1 million, and is the author of multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications. His other experiences includes GHS and global product notification regulations. In a previous role, he acted as focal point for the coordination of health and environmental hazard and risk information for safety data sheet (SDS) authoring and was responsible for addressing environmental regulatory requirements for a global product launch.