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David Brown

Regulatory consultant

David is an expert regulatory environmental scientist. He has previously worked for an international oil company on contaminated land projects and implementation of the European Water Framework Directive. David has a detailed understanding of chemical risk assessment and has supported a number of high-profile projects including working with the IUCN Niger Delta Panel to develop science-based recommendations for the remediation and rehabilitation of biodiversity and habitats of oil spill sites in the Niger Delta. He has experience working with complex chemical mixtures (UVCBs) such as hydrocarbons and emerging contaminants like perfluorinated fire fighting foams. Much of David's experience is laboratory based, where he has worked on non-routine environmental testing such as the assessment of the drilling fluids for offshore fossil fuel extraction. This experience has given him an in-depth understanding of biodegradability (persistence) testing and analytical methods used in the identification and quantification of chemicals.