Chemical sector

Chemical sector

Numerous organisations use or move hazardous materials as part of their everyday operations, and this comes with inherent operational risks. Chemical transport, storage and use, and the waste, utilities and manufacturing sectors commonly face such challenges.

Our planning and training services equip organisations to understand and prepare for these risks, providing business resilience and ensuring employees have the necessary skills to act when something goes wrong.

If an emergency does occur, our emergency response helpline and software services give your employees instant access to vital advice and support to manage the situation. This includes advice on procedures that need to be carried out, key personnel that need to contacted and what notifications systems to use. This level of intervention helps mitigate the impact of an incident once it has occurred; protecting sites, warehouses and raw materials from impacts and interruptions, and safeguarding your bottom line.

Implementing NCEC’s effective and resilient risk management services can be the single most cost effective improvement to your company’s overall risk management capability; protecting life, environment, assets, operations, reputation and financial performance.

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