Planning, training, exercising

Planning, training, exercising

Incident planning
At NCEC, we recognise that real crisis management capability depends on more than just plans on the shelf. Getting the right plans in place is a vital and worthwhile investment that can mean the difference between documents that get ignored, and tools that support organisations dealing with risk.

Our team of experienced crisis and business continuity management experts have spent years developing policy, plans and procedures as consultants and process owners working in industry; using best practice procedures to successfully resolve and mitigate real-life incidents, demonstrating the resilience and value of such planning.

By simplifying and integrating a client’s suite of related plans, we are able to add value; often achieving efficiencies by streamlining plans and eliminating material that does not apply to the specific industry or company. For example:

  • We have found some organisations have extensive analysis from a business continuity process, but almost no executable response or recovery plans.
  • We have also found some organisations with extensive contingency plans based on loss of an office facility, but nothing in place to address real threats to continuity of their supply chain.

NCEC’s team of experienced consultants add value by making sense of existing work and filling gaps so that the resulting good practice planning supports real resilience.

Crisis management training and exercising
The purpose of our crisis management training and exercises is not only to develop employee capacity, but also to provide clients with assurance that their teams are equipped to respond effectively and appropriately to developing risk. As such, our complimentary training and exercise services are a good starting point for organisations wishing to understand their current capability.

Our solutions range from simple table-top exercises to complex simulation exercises. For all of these, we develop and deliver realistic, relevant risk management scenarios. All scenarios are delivered by skilled facilitators, who coach participants and evaluate performance.

Our exercises are cost-effective and scalable; often the best return on investment can be achieved from a simple table top exercise. As maturity develops, we can provide the complexity and scope of exercises to match.

Our services
•    Table top exercises
•    Simulated incidents
•    Exercise facilitation & evaluation

Crisis management

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