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Crisis management training and exercising

The purpose of our crisis management training and exercises is not only to develop employee capacity, but also to provide clients with assurance that their teams are equipped to respond effectively and appropriately to developing risk. As such, our complimentary training and exercise services are a good starting point for organisations wishing to understand their current capability.

Our solutions range from simple table-top exercises to complex simulation exercises. For all of these, we develop and deliver realistic, relevant risk management scenarios. All scenarios are delivered by skilled facilitators, who coach participants and evaluate performance.

Our exercises are cost-effective and scalable; often the best return on investment can be achieved from a simple table top exercise. As maturity develops, we can provide the complexity and scope of exercises to match.

Our Services 

Table top exercises
Table top exercises create a low pressure environment in which crisis management teams can learn at an appropriate pace. These exercises normally last for one-three hours. Table top exercises are intended to introduce new or inexperienced teams to crisis management, but can also be used as part of refresher training or to work through specific scenarios.

Simulated incidents
More complex than table top exercises, simulated incidents have an added time pressure and usually feature role players and media injects (mock news reports or requests from journalists). Simulated incidents can develop greater confidence and experience in teams who have already undergone some training. Depending on the maturity of the team and the training needs, simulated incidents may be scaled up to involve simultaneous testing across multiple layers of an organisation, and may involve external stakeholders. These more complex exercises may run over a day or more.

Exercise facilitation & evaluation
We are able to add value to exercises by expertly coaching participants, thereby maximising the impact of learning opportunities.

We evaluate performance using an an-house developed assurance model, which maps maturity and is based on the requirements of relevant standards, including the standard for Crisis Management (BS11200, 2014), the Business Continuity standard (BS / ISO 22301, 2012), and the Resilience standard (BS 65000, 2014). Our assurance model enables clients to map capability in terms of planning, structure, process, personnel, training, facilities and systems. It also provides an opportunity to identify gaps in capability against specific criteria and address those gaps with prioritised actions and timelines. Exercise facilitation and evaluation also helps clients make a better business case for change, with the benefit of authoritative 3rd party input.

Crisis management

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