Emergency response

Emergency response

Chemical emergency response services

We provide specialist 24/7 helplines, software and advice to help you comply with chemical safety regulations and mitigate risks to your organisation and supply chain. Our tailored services and global reach help you safeguard your business operations and protect your bottom-line.

24/7 chemical helpline

Our emergency response helpline operates 365 days a year, 24/7, providing an uninterrupted, reliable service. Accessed through a network of international telephone numbers and local language speakers, our service helps chemical suppliers and transporters comply with the complexity of international chemical safety regulations. We mitigate impacts to people, the environment, assets and reputation, and provide a consistently high quality of response and transparency across global organisations.

National role

We provide national level support to governments and the emergency services to reduce the local and national impacts of chemical incidents. In the UK, we run Chemsafe, the chemical industry’s voluntary scheme giving UK emergency services access to a 24/7 helpline staffed by chemical experts. Chemsafe, and similar schemes abroad, provide our customers with an in-year return on investment of 15:1.

Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS)

Unnecessary downtime caused by confusion over how to respond appropriately to an incident or an overestimation of the potential hazards can exacerbate emergency situations - leaving your business open to prolonged risk and disruption. CERS provides you with proportionate and timely 24/7 helpline support to deal with incidents quickly and appropriately; minimising downtime to business operations and risk to your business performance.

Chemdata database

Containing over 61,600 substances covering pure chemical substances, trade name substances, biological and radiological hazards, Chemdata includes emergency response advice and recommended actions for tackling spillages, fires and decontamination, plus information on possible environmental impact. Chemdata is used and trusted by Hazmat responders and fire and rescue services around the world.


Our ground-breaking partnership with China’s National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC) allows us to offer the chemical industry a truly global service, encompassing one of the most challenging regulatory regimes. For over a decade we have been working closely with NRCC and now offer a joint helpline service supporting compliance with Chinese law, but with the protection of a UK-based contract and extensive liability and insurance.

Lithium batteries

Our lithium helpline service provides suppliers and transporters of lithium batteries with a cost-effective route to complying with regulations requiring an emergency telephone number. The helpline is operational 24/7 and provides callers with bespoke expert advice, tailored to the needs of the incident. Our priorities during calls are to enable a safe response and to protect the commercial interests of our client.

Non-chemical sectors

Our prompt and reliable notification system enables a fast response to critical incidents and supports the aims of corporate crisis management plans. Our multilingual helplines, staffed by experienced incident managers, provide the confidence that you can intelligently alert your senior management to an incident of any kind, at any time of day or night and in any part of the world.

Hazmat event

NCEC’s Hazmat event is an essential opportunity for Hazmat specialists to share experiences and knowledge with like-minded professionals working in the hazmat and chemical incident industry. The event draws upon the knowledge and experience of a range of hazmat professionals and industry leaders, as well as that of NCEC’s own emergency responders & experts and those from Tactical Hazmat. It is considered by delegates to be the premier event of the year for Hazmat professionals.

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