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Chemdata guidance and resources

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Download application to enable you to view the Chemdata and Pocket Chemdata history files on your PC.  For Windows users using the NCEC standard installation, the application is included on your installation CD and installed as part of the Installation process.  For Android and iOS Pocket Chemdata users, you will need to install the application from here onto your Windows PC or laptop.  You may copy the Chemdata history files onto your PC and view the audit trail there.

The ViewChemHistory application allows the user to view the last 2048 actions carried out in Chemdata or Pocket Chemdata. To use the History viewer, follow the instructions for the version of Chemdata you are using.


The history file identifies the date and time of the action, the machine and user, the action itself and other relevant details. Actions recorded include searches (including parameters used for the search) and viewing and closing of documents. Copies of the history file may be kept on the PC and viewed at any time using the Chemdata History Viewer.

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