Chemdata training

Chemdata training

Chemdata training

While Chemdata has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use, we also know that many users benefit from additional training to ensure they can get the most out of it. In consideration of this, we have been providing a short online training course lasting approximately 30 minutes. In response to requests for more in depth Chemdata training, NCEC has also developed a new workbook based training module covering not only the basics of how to use Chemdata and how to search effectively but also additional functionality that is available.

Course outline:

  • familiarisation with the layout and menus
  • searching
  • what a document contains
  • how to print
  • how to uses private notes and share them
  • how to change user options
  • how to view the history of past searches
  • scenarios and questions

The 3½ hour long course uses scenarios to help users gain confidence in using Chemdata in the context of real world examples. Some of these can be used as a test at the end of the training session if desired.

It is intended for students to use Chemdata on their own laptops or tablets during the session to ensure that they get hands on experience of using Chemdata. It is very much an interactive session! As we have already seen from those that have used our online training module, students learn far more from the interactive approach and actually using Chemdata themselves during the training.

Delegate Feedback:

  • “Now feel more confident using Chemdata.” D Baxter, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
  • “Worked though scenarios on easy to follow steps.” John Fletcher, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
  • “Very informative. Answered a lot of questions I had. Feel much more confident when interrogating and searching for info on Chemdata. Good Hand out and questions/scenario questions.” M Threader, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

This Chemdata training session can be presented on your site and, if desired, combined with any of our other training sessions to provide a full day of training. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.