Chemdata software updates

Chemdata software updates

Chemdata software updates for Windows installations are issued via Box.  For the Android and iOS apps updates are issued via Google Play and the App Store.  If you have automatic updates enabled then updates for the apps should automatically be made on your device.  We can also make available via Box the Chemdata .apk file for organisations wishing to install the Android app manually – if this option is used, organisations are responsible for ensuring their users devices are updated with new versions of the app as they become available.

For most clients downloads of updates are managed by their IT teams.  If you require access to the software downloads you can request an invitation here.  Please note that we may need to check with our main contact for your organisation that you have permission internally to access these files.

If you cannot access please contact us to discuss alternative options.

It is important that you do keep your version of Chemdata up to date.  Updates always include new and updated documents and can also include new functionality.

Chemdata Software Download Access Request

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