Chemical Emergency Response

Chemical Emergency Response

Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS)

Emergency response support is valuable not only for chemical manufacturers – to safeguard their products in the supply chain – but also wholly within organisations using or making chemicals. Our CERS helpline provides vital advice and support for chemical sites and warehouses enabling you to protect your workforce, and safeguarding business operations.

Created to support companies that may not have access to extensive substance information, chemical risk expertise or in-house incident response capabilities, CERS provides your employees with 24/7, multilingual access to trained emergency responders, providing them with the support needed to manage an incident safely.

Unnecessary downtime caused by confusion over how to respond or an overestimation of the potential hazards can leave your business open to greater risk than the immediate situation. Our expert advice is proportionate to the scale of the incident; helping your employees respond calmly and appropriately. We help ensure that disruptions to your business operations are kept at a minimum and things can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

In an emergency, knowing what to do and how to respond is crucial to protecting life and minimising risk. CERS provides our customers with peace of mind that their people, the environment, assets and reputation are protected from risk and the business is equipped to deal effectively with the unexpected.