Emergency response – China

As a global service provider, we support compliance with the complex patchwork of international regulations for emergency response. Nowhere are regulations more stringent than in China, where importers of hazardous chemicals must normally register locally for emergency response, a complex process separate to other registration processes. The regulations are set out by the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) Article 5-6, Chapter 2 and Article 22, Chapter 4, Order 53.

Our Chinese emergency response service provides our customers with an English language contract under UK law, providing a high level of legal protection, and the opportunity to communicate and receive incident reports in English. As an experienced service provider, we work in partnership with China’s National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC) to support development of their service.

As such, we are able to communicate with the NRCC on behalf of our customers. This means that you need only submit your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to NCEC, without having to expend additional time and resource in preparing translated versions for the NRCC.

Through our Chinese emergency response service, NCEC can save your business valuable time and expense by streamlining the SDS registration process, and give you a global emergency response contract from one provider. We can also provide clarity on local rules and regulations, helping you to operate your business without interruption.