Hazmat Academy

Hazmat Academy

The knowledge and experience gained from working closely with the UK emergency response organisations, international fire services and global chemical industry for over four decades, has enabled our hazmat training team to develop a range of training courses in-line with operational guidance and best practice. 

Tailored to your specific needs, we can provide any hazmat training required in person, remotely or as a blended package giving you the best resilience to your training approach.

Our distance-based courses can help services:

  • Maintain continuous professional development.
  • Reduce rota impact of releasing staff to attend training sessions physically.
  • Limit travel and accommodation costs related to meeting training requirements.

Typically, our training courses allow learners to undergo the training on their own timescale and can be delivered at your premises or in learners recreational time, reducing operational downtime. 

Distance learning hazmat courses 

Hazardous Material Advisor Revalidation course – Open session – September 2020 

Hazardous Material Advisor course – Open session – January 2021 

These courses can also be provided earlier, if needed. Please speak to us about your requirements or to register once the courses open. 

Contact us to discuss your distance learning requirements 

These courses will be compliant with best practice and the National Operational Guidance for Hazardous Materials.  Topics covered during the course will be:

  • Incident scene management.
  • Information gathering.
  • Chemistry and physical properties.
  • Environmental protection.
  • UN classifications.
  • Case studies and scenarios.
  • Asbestos.
  • Plume modelling and acute exposure guidelines.
  • Assessment and feedback.

Fire service eLearning training modules

Developed by NCEC’s team of trained chemists and emergency responders, course modules offer essential information on the underlying chemistry, reactivity and hazards of a range of chemicals and situations; as well as best practice for reducing adverse impacts so you are prepared to deal with the worst when it happens.

All eLearning materials have been developed on the moodle platform, which allows for an interactive learning experience.  Licenses are valid for a year from the date of activation. 

In addition to the above eLearning modules, we can also provide additional modules, which include:

  • Chemical and waste fires.
  • Cylinders involved with fire.
  • Drugs laboratories.
  • Explosives.
  • Chemistry – properties of elements and their trends.
  • Batteries.
  • Chlorine.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Chemical fatalities.
  • Refrigerant gases.
  • Swimming pool chemicals.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • High risk chemicals. 
  • Mercury spillages.
  • Hybrid cars.
  • Hydrogen fluoride safety. 
  • Highly reactive chemicals.
  • Gas monitoring and irrespirable atmospheres. 
  • Introduction to hazardous materials.
  • Hazardous materials for first responders.
  • Plume modelling.  

Available now on a per person per module licence – please feel free to speak to us for pricing and details. 

Wet chemistry kits and training

Wet chemistry kits can be purchased individually or with the one-day training course for up to eight people.  The training can be delivered at a location of your choice.  This price is exclusive of travel to and from a training venue and accommodation (should it be required). 

Each kit contains:

  • pH test paper reel.
  • Oxidiser test paper reel.
  • Fluoride test papers.
  • Organic solvent test papers.
  • Nitrate test papers.
  • Peroxide test papers.
  • Halogen test papers.
  • Sulphate test papers.
  • Chloride test papers.
  • Plastic waste bags.
  • Deionised water.
  • Disposable spatulas.
  • Pipettes.
  • Aluminium dishes.
  • Test tubes.

During the training day your instructor will cover the following:

  • Equipment introduction.
  • Types of incident.
  • Scene management.
  • Identification of each UN class of hazmat.
  • Returning to normality.
  • Scenarios.

Hazmat Academy will soon be accessible directly through our website, so please do keep a lookout. If you have any questions about any of these training courses or want to discuss a bespoke training package please do not hesitate to contact us throught the form on the right or email us at [email protected].