Hazmat 2014

Hazmat 2014 workshops and scenarios

Hazmat 2014 will have four workshop and scenario sessions that will be run twice to give delegates the opportunity to attend two sessions. Each session will last approximately 2 hours. Delegates will have the opportunity to register for specific sessions when booking their delegate place. Priority will be given to delegates who have already registered for Hazmat 2014.

Session 1 – Forensics in Hazmats

This session will show delegates a system to help first responders estimate safe, appropriate and proportional initial cordons at emergency hazmat incidents.

Max number: 36
This session will be led by Bob Hark from Tactical Hazmat.

Session 2 – Practical

This will give delegates a practical hands on session looking at DIM equipment and its deployment into a typical powder / liquid scenario. The session requires participants to form teams and there will be a prize for the team that completes the scenario the fastest and most accurate manner.

Max number: 16
This session will be led by Rob Mitchell from Tactical Hazmat

Session 3 – Hands on IDL

Back by popular demand! ‘Street Smart’ chemistry. This ‘hands on’ session will focus on illicit drugs laboratories.  As with last year’s Hazmat Master Class this will be a hazard categorisation session using basic field chemistry techniques and observations. The session will encompass both a theory and practical element.

Max number: 24
This session will be led by Kevin Miller from Tactical Hazmat

Session 4 – Scenario

This session involves a table top style incident based on a deliberate incidence of chemical exposure. Delegates will have the opportunity to work through the scenario, hear what actually happened and what lessons were learnt.

Max number: 30
This session will be led by Bethan Davies form NCEC and Graham Turner and Paul Molloy from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

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