Tactical response for chemical emergencies

Tactical response for chemical emergencies
29 Sep 2020

Webinar: Tactical response for chemical emergencies

Tuesday, 29 September, 10:00 (BST)

Join Cefic, BASF and NCEC experts in a journey through the three levels of chemical emergency response and discover the importance of preparation, communication and expert advice along with practical steps that should be taken along the way.

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From level 1 phone advice, through level 2&3 on-scene help, to clean up, the responses are interdependent from the start of an incident to its resolution. Learn how to assess if your provision is robust before it is required and hear how the ICE network national centres are tested to align with best practice.

NCEC Hazmat Lead, Ed Sullivan, with 23 years of emergency response experience as a fire service incident commander and lead hazmat trainer for the UK Fire Service College will explain practical steps level 2 responders should take on site, gathering information, assessing risks and resources and forming an action plan.

Chris Sowden, who has advised on countless incidents for 15 years and now heads NCEC’s emergency responder team, will discuss how level 1 advice is vital for determining the best course of action to protect people, the environment and assets – ultimately reducing long-term damage to corporate reputations and profits.
Gert Van Bortel (BASF and ICE Chairman), with more than 20 years’ experience of intervention, including on major incidents, will share how a situation can evolve rapidly and the importance of a strong and reliable communication chain.

Hear how the emergency response is used to inform a successful and safe clean up. The webinar will improve your understanding of how a tactical response to an incident should happen, enabling you to plan, mitigate potential risks and manage better should the worst happen.


  • Joost Naessens – Director, Transport & Logistics, Cefic
  • Peng Paternostre – Transport & Logistics Manager, Cefic
  • Gert Van Bortel – BASF Vice President and ICE Network Chairman
  • Jon Gibbard – Director, NCEC
  • Ed Sullivan – Hazmat Lead, NCEC
  • Chris Sowden – Head of ER Team, NCEC
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