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21 Sep 2019
25 Sep 2019

SCHC Fall Meeting 2019

Virginia, USA

The Fall meeting of the SCHC which has an ongoing mission to:

  • Promote the improvement of chemical hazard communication and product stewardship;

  • Educate SCHC members on chemical hazard communication and stewardship of chemicals;

  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences;

  • Enhance the awareness of members and the general public of new developments in chemical hazard communication and stewardship of chemicals; and

  • Provide guidance or technical expertise to a private group, legislative body, or governmental entity.

If you are attending, please come and listen to the NCEC presentation:

Maximising product stewardships learnings from life cycle assessment.
Many business professionals already use life cycle assessment (LCA) to explore the risks and opportunities surrounding their products. It is a powerful analytical technique, but it has the potential to deliver far more. This presentation will introduce LCA and reveal how it provides useful insights into a product or service’s environmental impacts, analysing material extraction, manufacture, transport, use and disposal – the whole life cycle. The presentation will then explain how learnings can be maximised.
Please also come and meet NCEC at our exhibition stand to discuss the ways in which NCEC can help to enhance your work. To arrange a meeting please contact us via email:

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