26 Feb 2019

Emotional Response - addressing mental health awareness in the workplace


26 February 2019, 2:00-3:00PM GMT

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Mental health issues are more prevalent and common place in society now than ever before. One would be quick to assume that it is something people are good at recognising in themselves and each other – however research shows that unfortunately, in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

We live in a world where the stresses and strains of modern life are arguably more taxing than ever before. Overlay a stressful and a potentially emotional and intense work balance into the equation, there is a very high possibility for ‘our cups to quickly overflow’.

In this webinar, Ricardo's crisis management consultant Chris Scott will talk about identifying a need to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace where people maybe suffering in silence with stress related mental health issues. Chris will talk about his own experiences with mental health and will cover the following topics:
• Discussing and recognising emotional responses in day to day business and beyond.
• Refresh awareness in emotional response.
• Understanding ourselves.
• What are emotions?
• Recognising when it all gets too much – in ourselves and in others.
• Development of coping mechanisms.
• Thinking about the need for change.

Chris Scott has over 28 years of experience in crisis management and has built knowledge, skills and experience in human intelligence and cognitive behavioural sciences. This includes understanding how people think, act and feel during times of extreme pressure, stress and mental fatigue especially when attending incidents and how it can overflow into their daily lives.

Chris has recently had excellent feedback following a series of course delivery for a wide-range of industries, especially within the UK Fire and Rescue Service. “ Thanks very much for your input yesterday. I knew it would be the trigger for some conversation, but I underestimated how much.  It has made a huge difference to the students and the reputation of the College. It has shown me how much of a need for this there is in UK Fire and Rescue Service.” – Ed Sullivan, The Fire Service College

This webinar will be of interest to:
• Anyone with a vested interest in their staff’s wellbeing.
• Dynamic high-pressure industries.
• You have experienced a recent incident.
• Ultimately, everyone.

This will be followed by a live question and answer session for which you are also welcome to submit questions in advance.