06 Mar 2019

Incident Notification – support your employees and stakeholders when the worst happens


6 March 2019, 2:00-3:00PM GMT

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More than ever, organisations face a great challenge protecting people, environment, assets and reputation against a growing number of incidents, crisis and business continuity disruptions. Organisations are becoming more reliant on technology, coupled with transient work forces and reliance on 3rd party contracts to support operations and logistics.  

Ricardo would like to invite you to join us for a complimentary webinar in collaboration with F24 on how to set up an efficient incident notification system, and the management of both the crisis and your duty rota to enable your employees or other stakeholders at the scene of the incident to be connected to your corporate crisis team.

Our experts will discuss the systems, tools and knowledge that can be of benefit in preparation for, and during any incident. It will also cover best practice in setting up an incident notification system, including duty manager rota management. 

We will highlight real incidents that Ricardo and F24 have given direct advice on via our 24-hour response service, including lessons learned, along with how technology has helped manage the crisis to quick resolution, whilst maintaining key communication throughout. We will also discuss two case studies where the organisations incident notification system failed causing medium to long term damage.

Elements that will be covered include:

  • Types of incidents facing organisations.
  • Incident notification process.
  • Challenges your duty manager will face.
  • The duty managers roles and responsibilities.
  • The duty manager rota.
  • Managing the crisis to resolution and maintaining efficient communication throughout.
  • Differences between incident notification and mass notification software.

This webinar will be of interest to those who:

  • Experienced a recent incident and are looking to improve their crisis and emergency response setup.
  • Have responsibility of ensuring the corporate crisis team duty manager is aware of an incident affecting their organisation.
  • Have multiple sites with different notification procedures and want to simplify the process.
  • Have issues with duty managers taking their roles and responsibilities seriously.
  • Had recent exercises have highlighted significant gaps in the notification process.
  • Have recently expanded or downsized their organisation.
  • Work in high risk environments.
  • Have 3rd party contractors responsible for transporting your products.
  • Are looking a mass notification software.

This will be followed by a live question and answer session for which you are also welcome to submit questions in advance.