31 Jan 2018

Preparing for the worst – chemical resilience at airports and ports.


31 January 2018, 14:00 – 15.00 GMT

Airports and ports are high-risk environments which are especially prone to the impact of chemical incidents due to the large volume of dangerous goods passing through them. This is further substantiated by the high volume of calls the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) receives each year for incidents that occur at these locations. 

In this webinar, our panel of experts will focus on resilience at airports and ports when dealing with dangerous goods shipments involving chemicals. Our experts will discuss the systems, tools and knowledge that can be of benefit in preparation for and during any incident. It will also cover best practice on reporting incidents to stakeholders such as the shipper, consignee or consignor. The available systems, tools and knowledge help to support three business objectives:

  • Protecting people, environment, assets and reputation (PEAR) from the effects of an incident. 
  • Reducing the scale and cost of incidents and prevent operational disruption.
  • Demonstrating commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Care.

We will discuss real incidents that NCEC have given direct advice on via our 24-hour response service, including spills or leaks of materials from micrograms to 1000’s of litres at international ports and airports (Toronto, Chicago, Karachi, Le Havre etc.) and the lessons learned. The focus incident will be a 50-litre spill at a major hub airport that took over three hours to resolve due to the challenge of the release over multiple locations including the confined aircraft hold space.

Elements that will be covered include:

  • Training of response staff. 
  • Knowledge of paperwork. 
  • The use of chemical hazard databases. 
  • Support services for specialist advice. 
  • Incident management. 

This webinar will be of interest to those who manage the handling of cargo at ports and airports as well as the first responders who deal with incidents (airport fire services and port authorities).


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